IronAid® Iron Protein Succinylate (IPS) isn’t your average iron compound: it’s safer, gentler, easier to absorb, and more gastrically tolerable. When it comes to your body’s iron levels, count on this substantive product to act as a strong, clinically-backed, and long-lasting source of iron unaffected by food intake.

IronAid® is the most advanced iron compound in existence — and is very effective for individuals of any age, who are looking to supplement their iron levels. Compared to other traditional iron compounds, it offers safe, gentle, superior gastric tolerability, as well as superior, long lasting absorption characteristics.

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Manufactured By: ITF Chemical Ltda.

Since: 2002

Made in Brazil

Health Benefits

When you take IronAid® IPS from Chemi Nutra, you can expect:

Innovative, Safe Iron Delivery
Optimized Iron Absorption
Heightened Tolerability
Improved Efficacy
Maximized Athletic Ability
Reduced Fatigue
Accelerated Athletic Recovery (particularly in women)

This is the ideal iron ingredient compound for adolescents, women, senior citizens, and those with low meat and vitamin C intake.


IronAid® IPS can be taken with:

Dietary Supplements
Functional Foods
Medical Foods
Functional Beverages

Our ingredient compound restores and manages your bodily iron stores and metabolic requirements. At Chemi Nutra, we create nutrients that increase your well-being and raise your standard of living.

Scientific Information

Iron is a mineral that is an essential constituent of blood and muscle, and is required for the transport of oxygen. The primary role of iron relates to the ability of red blood cells to adequately carry oxygen to sustain the body’s cellular support.

IronAid® Iron Protein Succinylate (IPS) is safe and efficacious, due to its innovative technology, because it is insoluble in the stomach – important because most iron compounds tend to irritate the stomach lining, often leading to significant discomfort (heartburn).

After passage through the stomach, IronAid® IPS then dissolves in the early part of the intestinal tract as ferric iron, and here the active iron component is gently and efficiently absorbed. IronAid® IPS has a superior safety profile, allowing long-lasting administration.

Iron Deficiency High-Risk Groups include:

Women, especially those with a history of child-bearing challenges.
People with diets that are low in both meat and ascorbic acid.
Elderly men and women.
People who donate blood more than three times a year.
People who use aspirin regularly.
Athletes, especially women, who train at repeated high intensity.

Ask Us About IronAid® IPS

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