Recognized as the “premiere” highly potent, bioavailable, and fast-acting donor, Chemi Nutra’s CholineAid® Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline has special nutritional properties that support acetylcholine (AC) levels in a brain leading to a bevy of health benefits.

CholineAid® is the most highly bioavailable form of choline known to man. It directly competes with other choline sources, like choline bitartrate and choline chloride — but is much better for cognition support.

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Manufactured By: Chemi S.p.A.

Since: 2020

Made in Italy

Health Benefits

Choline is an essential nutrient—it plays a critical role in:

Liver Function
Brain Development
Muscle Movement
Nervous System Function

It is also highly active in supporting acetylcholine brain levels or cognitive functioning and motor units that activate fast muscle contraction (power and strength-building).

Whether you’re in a supplements B2C or are curious about a natural way to improve your health, get more done in your profession, daily life, and workout routines. Get in touch with Chemi Nutra to get our CholineAid® A-GPC and start living the way you want to.


Available for use in capsules, powders, gummies, chewing gum, and more, CholineAid® A-GPC is 100% unsynthesized, research validated, Kosher Certified, Halal Certified, USP grade, and affirmed as GRAS by the FDA.  This nutrient is non-reactive (stable), tasteless, and odorless — making it perfect for:

Dietary Supplements
Functional Foods
Medical Foods
Functional Beverages

Ask Us About CholineAid® A-GPC

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