IronAid® Iron Protein Succinylate (IPS) is the ideal iron ingredient compound for many people experiencing iron deficiency and anemia, who may have serious conditions that require nutritional or even clinical intervention. High-risk groups include adolescents, the elderly, women, and those with low dietary intakes of animal meat and ascorbic acid.

Compared to other traditional iron compounds, IronAid® IPS offers safe, gentle, superior gastric tolerability, and also superior absorption characteristics. Clinical studies involving more than 3,000 people have shown an absence of gastric side effects in nearly all of the subjects. And of history of use in millions of people over the past 20 years has shown IronAid® IPS to be the "preferred" iron ingredient compound.

In summary, IronAid® IPS has a strong clinically proven safety record and it provides sustained, safe, and long-lasting iron absorption, which is not affected by food intake.

There have been many published research articles over the last few years that address iron deficiency, particularly in active and athletic women of all ages, as well as women in prenatal stages, who can especially benefit from IronAid® IPS supplementation.